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21.3.2024 News: Double Loot Event! Author: GOD Lekarz

Bonus [Extra 25% PP] & Double Loot Event:

Dear Players,
Enjoy double the loot drops in-game for a limited time!
Plus, don't miss out on our special promotion in the SMS Shop!
For every purchase, get an extra 25% bonus points added to your account!
 To collect your bonus after purchasing PP, contact the Server Administration
- [GOD Otto/Lekarz]

Hurry, this offer won't last long!
* offer valid from Friday to Sunday (22.03-24.03)

10.3.2024 Update: Website & EXP Stage! Author: GOD Lekarz

Current list of updates on the server and website:
Dear Players,
We are pleased to announce an upcoming update on the 'exp stage'
server after 1.5 months since its launch.
All the changes made can be reviewed on our official website
'' under the 'Server Info' section.

The update will be implemented after 22:00 on March 9, 2024.
We encourage you to check out the new features
and updated information on the server's website.

Thank you for your commitment,
and we wish you a great gaming experience!

Click here to check - NEW EXP STAGE
  • The data on the page under "Server info"
    regarding the new "EXP STAGE" has been updated.
  • The "Changelogs" tab has been updated.

6.3.2024 UPDATE: SERVER & WEBSITE Author: GOD Lekarz

List of updates on the server/website:
  1. New Events: We've prepared brand new events that are sure to bring a lot of excitement and rewards!
  2. Spell Reduction [1200lvl/600lvl]: We've reduced spell cooldowns for more dynamism and excitement during battles.
  3. New Spell for Mages: A special spell that temporarily increases the magic level. Be surprised by the new possibilities!
  4. New Sets and Items: Discover powerful sets and items that will revolutionize your strategies in the game.
  5. New Outfits and Effects: We've given a fresh look to your characters! Check out new outfits and effects that will add charm to your heroes.
  6. New Galaxy: Embark on a cosmic journey to a completely new galaxy full of mysteries and extraordinary challenges.
  7. Visible Map: You now have access to a visible map, making it easier to plan your travels and exploration.
  8. Daily Missions: Daily tasks await your completion, offering fantastic rewards and challenges.
  9. Mini Boss and Arena Boss: Get ready to battle new bosses that require activity with players.
  10. Improved Boss: We've reduced the number of people needed to defeat the boss from 20 to just 7, allowing everyone to actively participate in the encounter.


  1. New Events Calendar Tab: Explore the latest happenings with the newly added "Events Calendar" tab. Stay in the loop and never miss out on exciting events again!
  2. Revamped 'Events' Tab: The 'Events' tab on the website has undergone a transformation. Discover a more user-friendly interface and easily navigate through upcoming events and activities.

  3. Downloads Section Overhaul: We've not only modified but also updated files in the "Downloads" section. Find the latest files that cater to your needs, ensuring you have the best tools for your gaming experience.

  4. Server Info Tab Enhancements: The "Server Info" tab has been revamped to provide you with more comprehensive and up-to-date information about the server. Stay informed about server details and updates at your fingertips.

  5. New File for Repair: Introducing the "FIX - OTClientv8" file! This addition to the "Downloads" tab is specifically designed for file repairs, ensuring a smoother and more reliable gaming experience.



Adventurers, brace yourselves for the Mini Boss encounter in select zones:
VIP, Lost City, and Donator Island! Here's a quick guide:

      How to fight with the Mini Boss:

  1. Upon spawn, a prompt guides you.
  2. To deal damage, lure the boss onto a marked grid.
  3. Boss disappears after 5 minutes of inactivity.

23.2.2024 UPDATE: Moving EXP stage Author: GOD Lekarz

We have fantastic news regarding the
"Moving exp stage"

 Starting from 23.02.2024 at 22:00, we are introducing significant changes aimed at making your adventure on our server even more exciting and satisfying.

What has changed: The "Moving exp stage" has been specifically adjusted for you, players in the level range [8-1000]. Now, your exp stage is increased by a whopping 105%! 
This means you'll be gaining experience faster than ever before.

Why it matters: We want everyone to have a chance to fully enjoy the game without unnecessary difficulties.This update aims to make it easier for new players to start and provide even more enjoyment for our regulars.

Does it apply to me? If you are in the level range between 8 and 1000, then yes - these changes apply to you! We hope that the new experiences you discover on our server will make you want to stay with us even longer. 

  σттσяєαℓм™╰┈➤ Play on: Tibia 8.60, OTClientv8, Android APK
OTClient - Ottorealm to download CLICK HERE 
Discord - to join us CLICK HERE
OttoRealm Wikipedia - CLICK HERE

Join us at for an epic journey!

GOD [σттσяєαℓм™]

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14.2.2024 Epic Weekend: Boosted Loot, EXP, and Premium Points! Author: GOD Lekarz
★彡 Weekend Madness in the Game 彡★

Weekend Madness in the Game 
START: Friday 22:00
END: Sunday 22:00

1. Loot +50%! 
Gather more treasures - loot increased by 50%!
Epic discoveries await!

2. EXP +50%! 
Level up your characters faster! 50%
more experience for intense battles.

3.  Premium Points! +30% 
Buy and earn more premium points to unlock exclusive bonuses!

4. If u pay on PayPal! Purchasing points via PayPal?
Contact GOD Lekarz Administrator and claim your extra bonus!

The best offer yet!
Don't miss the chance to enhance your characters and earn rewards!
Fantastic fun awaits!

  σттσяєαℓм™╰┈➤ Play on: Tibia 8.60, OTClientv8, Android APK
OTClient - Ottorealm to download CLICK HERE 
Discord - to join us CLICK HERE
OttoRealm Wikipedia - CLICK HERE

Join us at for an epic journey!

GOD [σттσяєαℓм™]

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